Fees & Enrollment

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Fees & Enrollment


Enrollment Form


Behavior History


Fees for Private Obedience Training/Behavioral Counseling


45 minute session: $65

Or you may purchase a package of 4 sessions for $240

There is no extra charge for additional dogs in the same family/household.


Travel fee

My area is within northwest/central San Antonio.  If you live outside a 15 mile radius of the intersection of NW Military and Wurzbach Parkway there will be a $10 per session travel fee.


* What's included:  You're paying for more than just face time!  Fees also cover time spent developing your individual training plans and follow up email reviews of each session with homework guidance and whatever written handouts are indicated for working with your dog.  In addition I'm available to answer any questions or concerns you may have as long as we're training your dog.


*Military Special - Thank you for your service!  One free email consult about any dog behavior question or problem you may have.



I am now semi-retired and only see a limited number of clients.  If I am not able to work with you I will try to refer you to another trainer.

Appointment Scheduling:  Sometimes it may only take one session to show you how to address a specific behavior problem.  However, basic obedience/manners training usually requires a minimum of 4 sessions.  There are times that your schedule or mine may require some flexibility in appointment times, but it is generally best to schedule your four appointments once a week or every other week until they are completed.

Getting started: Please fill out the Enrollment Form and Behavior History/Questionnaire (below) and after you email those back to me, I will contact you to arrange an appointment.  Doing this prior to our first appointment saves you time and money since I will not have to spend the better part of our first session together gathering the necessary information about your dog.  On the first (private session) visit, we will review your behavior form and discuss training goals.  I will also do an initial evaluation of your dog and we will begin some training exercises.  


"On the internet, no one knows you're a dog."

Please return the enrollment form as a Word Doc to monty@hollysden.com


Holly's Den Enrollment Form

  1. Date:

  2. Owner's Name & Others in Household (names/ ages of children):

  3. Address:

  4. Tel: (Home)                 (Work)                 (Cell)

  5. Email:

  6. Owners' occupations:

  7. Dog’s Name, Breed, Sex, Age and Date of Birth:            Neutered:  Spayed:   Intact:

  8. Other pets (name/species/sex/age):

  9. Appointment Times:  What days are you available: Mon__ Tues__ Wed__ Thurs__ Fri__ Sat__  Sun__

  10. What times are you available: Mornings __   Afternoons___  After 6 p.m.___

  11. List behavior problems you need help with:

  12. Potty trained:    Crate trained:    Any other previous training:

  13. Has the dog ever bitten another person or animal: Yes __ No__ (if yes, describe in Behavior History below)   

  14. When meeting up with strangers does your dog: bark__ snarl__ nip__ lunge on leash__                                     

  15. Veterinarian:  

  16. Is your dog current on vaccinations:  

  17. Dog was obtained from (breeder, shelter, etc.):           How Long Owned:

  18. How many hours does your dog typically spend alone during the day:

  19. Dog Lives: In or Outdoors:           Where does dog sleep:

  20. Property Barriers:  None__        Fence/ht/type:     Kennel Run/size:         

  21. Exercise routines:

  22. How often fed & what brand:

  23. Does your dog have any medical/physical problems or take any medication:

  24. How did you hear about Holly’s Den:

Services Agreement:  Full payment is due at the time services are rendered.  The trainer may, at her discretion, refuse any pet which does not seem healthy or otherwise suitable for the services being provided.

I understand and agree that Holly’s Den and owner/instructor Beverly Hebert shall not be liable for any injury or damage to any person, animal, or property, which results from the training or behavior of my pet.  I also understand and agree that an adult must accompany any child in attendance under the age of 18.  I further agree that Holly’s Den and its owner or employees shall not be held liable for any costs or expenses incurred in connection with any claim occurring as a result of my pet’s participation in the training program.

Owner’s Signature______________________________________



Please continue and answer the following questions (write N/A if answer is not applicable or unknown) and email this form back to monty@hollysden.com


Holly’s Den Behavior History-Part 1


  1. Describe a recent event and/or any significant incidents related to the problems you need help with:

  2. When did the problem start:

  3. Did anything happen in your dog’s past that you believe has contributed to the problem:

  4. Have you discussed this problem with your vet and were any of the following actions taken: blood work__  full thyroid panel___ please list any other treatments or medications prescribed:

  5. What training or management corrections have you tried and with what outcome:

  6. How did you come to choose this breed:

  7. What steps did you take to socialize this dog as a puppy:

  8. Did your dog receive regular exposure to strangers and other dogs (including unfamiliar dogs) prior to reaching 12 weeks of age--please give details:

  9. Who is the primary caretaker:

  10. Is dog particularly attached to you or any one family member?

  11. Does the dog show any guarding behaviors regarding you or this family member?

  12. Does the dog behave any differently toward other people when you or this family member are not present?

  13. Describe the dog’s daily schedule and what the dog does when left alone:

  14. How do you and your dog say good-bye and greet each other when you return:

  15. How do you and the dog play together:

  16. What toys does the dog play with:

  17. Does dog guard his food or toys:

  18. Is your dog intense about chasing balls or playing tug:

  19. Does your dog retrieve objects or know any tricks:

  20. Does your dog have any chewing behavior problems:

  21. How well does your dog Sit, Stay and Come when called:

  22. Does your dog pull on leash:

  23. Does your dog jump up:

  24. Does dog mount people, other animals or objects:

  25. Would you describe your dog’s activity level as low, average, high or excessive:

  26. What is dog’s attitude/behavior with familiar people:

  27. What is dog’s attitude/behavior with unfamiliar people and children:

  1. What is dog’s behavior/attitude toward unfamiliar dogs:

  2. How does this dog get along with other pets in the household:

  3. Are you planning to breed this dog—if yes, for what purpose:

  4. What impact is this problem having on you and your life:

  5. What are your goals for the dog and for this training intervention:

  6. Which statement below  best describes your feelings: a___  b___   c___ 

    1. I would like to change the problem, but it is not serious.

    2. The problem is serious, but if it remains unchanged I will keep my dog.

    3. The problem is very serious and if it remains unchanged I will have my dog euthanized or give him/her up.


Behavior History-Part 2 For Reactivity/Aggression  (Skip this section if reactivity/aggression is not a problem):


  1. Is there any particular type of person that your dog is most reactive towards, for example, men or men with beards, toddlers, etc.

  2. Do particular people or circumstances act as regular triggers for your dog's aggression, for example the mail carrier or yard crew?

  3. Has your dog bitten and broken skin? _____yes _____no

  4. Total number of bite incidents:

  5. What parts of the body has the dog bitten and how severe were the injuries?

  6. Has anyone required medical attention as a result of a bite by your dog?

  7. Has another dog required vet attention/care as a result of a bite by your dog?


 Dog's Response





Bare Teeth




Freeze  or Tense Up

Other (describe reaction) or Not Applicable (NA)


Response to other dogs, while on leash


Response to other dogs, while on leash







Response to other dogs, while not on leash







Unfamiliar person approaches owner, dog on leash







Unfamiliar child approaches owner, dog on leash







Unfamiliar adult enters house or yard







Unfamiliar child enters house or yard







Unfamiliar person leaves room







Unfamiliar person reaches toward dog







Unfamiliar person touches, pets dog







Dog in house, sees strangers outside







Response to toddlers’ approach







Response to children running







Dog in car at tollbooths, gas stations







Dog during vet exams







Dog at groomer’s







Familiar adult enters house or yard







Familiar child enters house or yard







Familiar person enters room







Response to toddlers’ approach







Response to touch/petting-owner/family







Response to hugging







Reach toward dog







Put leash on/take off







Leash restraint







Grab collar/Collar restraint







Scruff restraint







Leash/collar correction







Verbal reprimand







Physically punish







Lift dog







Push/pull off furniture







Disturb while resting/sleeping







Approach/touch  while eating







Take food away







Take water dish away







Take rawhide







Take real bone







Take toy/object







Approach when dog has toy/bone







Stare at dog







Bend over dog







Push on shoulders or back







Approach dog near spouse







Bathe dog & Towel Dog







Groom/Brush Dog







Trim Nails








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