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Dog Training Services

Association of Pet Dog Trainers.


The Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT) is a professional organization of individual trainers committed to better training through education.

APDT Vision Statement
All dogs are effectively trained through dog-friendly techniques and therefore are lifelong companions in a relationship based on mutual trust and respect.
APDT Mission Statement
Promoting caring relationships between dogs and people by educating trainers in canine behavior and emphasizing professionalism and reward-based training.

Holly's Den supports and abides by vision and mission statements above and further defines dog-friendly training thus: Gentle humane training that utilizes primarily positive reinforcement and excludes methods intended to induce fear, pain or physical discomfort.


Holly's Den  "Behavior Modification Training Guide For Reactive & Aggressive Dogs" is available for ordering in PDF format. For more information click here:  Aggression Training Guide


*Group Classes and Board & Train options are not available through Holly's Den. 


In-Home Training Services include: Puppy Manners - Basic Obedience Training - Behavior Counseling


About Private training sessions: Private obedience training lessons that are structured around individual needs allow most owner-dog teams to progress somewhat faster than you would in group classes.  Private sessions are also indicated for dogs with certain kinds of behavioral problems that are related to fear and aggression.

The only disadvantage is that private sessions won't provide your dog with the extra socialization opportunities or distractions of working around other dogs that he/she would get in a class situation. However, you can still independently provide this type of experience for your dog or participate in a class at some future time. 

"Teaching people, training dogs."    We call it "dog training" but in reality you and your dog are a team.  What you will be learning as we go along is every bit as important as what your dog will be learning!   I will show you how to train your dog--but most of the real training occurs in the interactions between you and your dog in your every day life together. 

Basic Obedience: Foundation training to help you learn how to motivate and communicate with your dog while teaching him/her the obedience behaviors and skills that will make him a better companion.  Emphasis is placed on teaching household manners and preventing/solving behavior problems using gentle, positive reinforcement and good management techniques. This series of four one hour sessions will show you how to win your dog's respect, not through physical punishment but through exercising control of access to all the things dogs love, while rewarding good behavior. 

Puppy Head-start/Manners Training for puppies 8-18 weeks: In addition to training basic obedience behaviors (Sit, Down, Stay, Come and Walk on a Leash without pulling), private sessions offer guidance with house/potty training, crate training, tips on health care, and how to handle routine problems such as mouthing, nipping, jumping up, chewing, etc.

How many sessions are needed?  Although occasionally a specific problem can be addressed in a single private session, it generally requires a minimum of 4 sessions for YOU to learn enough basic training skills to continue to practice and progress on your own.  If your goal is more advanced training, you should know that professional and competition (obedience, agility, freestyle dancing, herding) trainers, similar to professionals in any field from athletics to music,  consider training as an ongoing lifetime process in which you never stop practicing and learning.


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Association of Pet Dog Trainers.
Association of Professional Dog Trainers
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