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Dog Training Articles 


The Ubiquitous Labrador Retriever, APDT News, July/Aug, 2003; and The Dog Trainer's Resource: The APDT Chronicle of the Dog Collection


Fighting Fire Without Fire: Dog-aggressive Dogs CAN Be Rehabilitated,  Whole Dog Journal.  Volume 4, Number 12, Dec. 2001.


Teach Your Dog to Chill Out: 5 Keys To Teach Your Dog Self-Control," Dog Fancy, March 2006.


 Peace and Quiet: Recognize The Triggers to Control Problem Barking, Dog Fancy, May 06.

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Basic Mental Health Nursing Skills, chapter 13. Hebert, B. In: Mental Health Care for Allied Health and Nursing Professionals, ed. H. Steven Moffic, M.D. Pedro Ruiz, M.D. George L. Adams, M.D. Department of Psychiatry, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Texas. Warren H. Green, Inc. 201-211, 1989.

The Ubiquitous Labrador Retriever: Has Success Destroyed Our Number One Breed? Hebert, B. In: Association of Professional Dog Trainers Chronicle of the Dog Collection, The Dog Trainer’s Resource, ed. Mychelle Blake, Dogwise Publishing, 2006.

Hebert, Beverly. Behavior Modification Training Guide for Reactive & Aggressive Dogs. 2006. PDF file.

In House Publications and Professional Journals

 ·       Automatic Garage Door Child Entrapment Hazards. Dilich, M, Litwin, G., ed. Hebert, B., Triodyne, Inc. Niles, IL. The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Winter Meeting Atlanta, Ga. Dec. 1-6, 1991.

·       Doctor Friendly Computers Put Knowledge At Fingertips.  Academy Exams On Computer. American Society of Orthopedic Surgeons (ASOS) Bulletin, Oct. 1990.

·       AMA, Rand, Medical Centers Developing Practice Guidelines The American Society of Orthopedic Surgeons (ASOS) Bulletin, July 1990.       

·       APC Endorses Universal Health Care System. The American Society of Orthopedic Surgeons (ASOS) Bulletin, July 1990.

·       Chemotherapy. Special Issue on Cancer: The Journal, The Methodist Hospital. Houston,  Texas. Vol. 26 Number 1, 1987.

·       Success Inhibitions Are Not Easily Eliminated. Inside Baylor Medicine, May 83.

·       Immunologists Seek Reasons for Age Related Health Loss.  Inside Baylor Medicine,  Jan. 1983.

·       Expanding Horizons for Blind Texans.  Inside Baylor Medicine, June 1982.

·       Baylor Researchers Test New Influenza Treatment.  Inside Baylor Medicine.  Feb 82.

·       BCM Psychiatrist Addresses Special Needs of Deaf.  Inside Baylor Medicine, Nov 81.

·       Baylor Physicians Aid Fight Against Meningitis Outbreak.  Inside Baylor Medicine, March  1981.

·       Epilepsy Studies Reveal Action of Single Cell.  Inside Baylor Medicine, March 81.

·       The Many Features of Neurofibromatosis. Inside Baylor Medicine, Dec. 80/Jan. 81. *Winner Matrix Award, Honorable Mention, Houston Professional Chapter, Women In Communications, 1981.

·       Women Students Learn Assertiveness.  Inside Baylor Medicine.  Texas Medical Center News.  Dec 80-Jan 81.

·       Fulbright Scholar Takes Skills to Uruguay.  Profile of Italian native, Dr. Nicola M. DiFerrante, professor of Biochemistry.  Inside Baylor Medicine, Nov. 1980

·       Virologists Develop New Method to Detect Bacteria.  Inside Baylor Medicine.  Vol XI, No. 8, Sept. 1980.

·       DeBakey Advises Grads of Responsibility to Pursue Excellence.  Inside Baylor Medicine. June-July 1980.

 News Releases

 The American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, Park Ridge, Il.

·       Wear a Helmet When Riding A Bike.  Sept. 1990

·       Orthopedic Surgeons Coming Down Hard on High Heels. Nov. 1990.

·       New Hope for 10 Million Diabetics With Foot Lesions-Nov. 7, 1990.

·       Children With Flat Feet Don’t Need Corrective Shoes-Nov. 9, 1990.

·       Third Annual Comprehensive Foot and Ankle Course –Features Demonstrations. Nov. 1990.

 Baylor College of Medicine

·       550,000 Americans Will Die Suddenly From Heart Disease. Jan. 1983.

·       Elderly With Mental Problems Can Be Helped. Dec 82.

·       Hyperactive Children.  Aug 1982.

·       Coping With Stress. June 82.

·       Depression and Suicide. 1982

·       If Life Hands You a Lemon—Make Lemonade. June 1982

·       New Treatment for Influenza.   Nov 81

·       Human Growth Hormone.  Oct 81.

·       New drugs being tested for hypertension. Sept 81.

·       Ultrasound Technique Allows Examination of Unborn Babies. July 1981.

·       Being A Teenager is No Bowl of Cherries--But Being An Obese Teenager Can Be the Absolute Pits.  April 1981.

 Baylor College of Medicine Office of Public Affairs News Tip Sheets

·       Arsenic Linked to Skin Cancer in Blacks. Sept.-Oct. 1982

·       Sleep Problems May Cause Spats With Spouse.  Sept.-Oct. 1982

·       Back Crackers, Neck Poppers Can Damage Spine.  Sept.-Oct. 1982.

·       Serious Toys Help Visually Impaired.  April-May 1982.

·       Brain Maps—A Key to Aching Heads.  April-May 1982.

·       Old and Young Show Sickness in Different Ways.  April-May 1982 .


Newspaper Articles


·       Computers Link Research Efforts on NF (Neurofibromatosis). Houston Business Journal.  May 26, 1986.

·       Friends Often Shut Out Crime Victims. Houston Chronicle. Mon. Oct. 4, 1982.

·       Infighting Kills the Interfaith Workshop.  Houston Chronicle. Nov. 12, 1977.

·       A Conversation With Novelists Beverly Lowry and Pulitzer Prize winner Shirley Ann Grau. Houston Breakthrough.  June 1977.    

·       Adam & Even—Plays for Living: Review of one act drama. Houston Breakthrough. 1977. Vol. II #2.

·       Nun Leaves Convent Walls Behind. Sister Grace Marian Martel is one of the new breed of nuns. 1976. Houston Breakthrough. Vol. 1 #6. 

·       Work Expresses Inner Growth: Potter Peggy Moore is a Houston artist whose creations speak expressively to women. Houston Breakthrough: Arts & Reviews. Vol. 1 # 7, 1976

Consumer Magazines

·       A Different Sort of Ladies’ Man: Redbook’s Editor –In-Chief Sey Chassler. In Houston Magazine.  Nov. 1977.   

·       Gloria Steinem: The Ms-stique of Leadership.  In Houston Magazine.  Nov. 1977.

·       Editor Emphasizes the Future: Lenore Hershey, Editor-In-Chief, Ladies Home Journal.  In Houston Magazine. Nov. 1977. 

·       National Women’s Conference:  What It’s Really All About—A careful look at the law and the record compared to daily media coverage. In Houston Magazine.  Nov. 1977.  

·       Transpersons.  Houston City Magazine. Aug. 1978

·       Fighting Fire Without Fire: How to Handle Dog-Aggressive Dogs. Whole Dog Journal Dec. 2001.

·       Teach Your Dog to Chill Out: 5 Keys To Teach Your Dog Self-Control. Dog Fancy March 2006.

·       Peace and Quiet: Recognize the Triggers to Control Problem Barking. Dog Fancy May 06.

 Ad Copy

·       Houston Convention and Visitors Council—Copy for “Houston’s Back lots.”  Hollywood producers are fast finding Houston to be a fresh new site for some of the most exciting and successful films in the business. Aug, 1979  

·       Houston Convention and Visitors Council.  HoustoNews.  Houston Convention Bookings Break Records Vol. 2 #4,  1979

·       Houston Convention and Visitors Council.  HoustoNews.  Moving the Movies to Houston. Volume 2, #3, 1979.

 Brochures and Misc 

·       Houston Metro March of Dimes.  Chairman’s message for the Annual Report, Sept. 1985.

·       Baylor Plaza & Alkek Fountain fund raising brochure.

·       Baylor College of Medicine.  Copy for memorial gift giving Holiday Card, Dec 82.

·       Leopold L. Meyer Center for Developmental Pediatrics, Baylor College of Medicine brochure.

·       The Leon Jaworski Chair of Biomedical Ethics, Baylor College of Medicine brochure.

·       Nformation—Medical Information Service, brochure, 1985.

·       Greater Houston Convention & Visitors Council Annual Report, 1979.

·       Greater Houston Convention and Visitors Council, HoustoNews, Message from the Chairman of the Board, Volume 2, #6, 1979.

·       Houston Convention and Visitors Council Script for Annual Meeting, 1979.

·       Greater Houston Convention & Visitors Council, speech writer for the president, 1979.


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