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Holly's Den Dog Training Services, San Antonio, TX  

From the time I was a young child I have loved dogs, books and stories, but I didn't start out as either a writer or a dog trainer.  Instead I got a B.S. degree in nursing from Baylor University and worked in a psychiatric hospital, also doing some short stints on a trauma unit and in the labor & delivery rooms.  I met my husband while he was working on his Ph.D. in engineering and we moved to Houston when he joined the Rice University faculty.  After that,  I was a stay-at-home mom for a few years and it was during that time that I began to do some free-lance writing. 

When my children started school,  I went back to work at the Houston Convention & Visitors Council, writing everything from the annual report to speeches for the president.   My next job was at Baylor College of Medicine in the Office of Public Affairs where I was responsible for initiating media coverage of Baylor’s research programs, coordinating special events, and writing brochures, articles and news releases.  While at Baylor, I belonged to Women in Communications, chaired the professional development committee of the Houston chapter of the Public Relations Society of America, and served as the Electronic Media Chairman for United Way of the Texas Gulf Coast.

When my husband's career took us to the Chicago area,  I worked as a writer-editor at the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons and joined a group called the "Off Campus Writers Workshop" where I had a chance to take fiction writing workshops with successful working novelists and with faculty from the University of Chicago.  

Then another career move for my husband brought us back to Houston once again.  By this time our kids were in college and to help fill our empty nest, one Christmas I got the German Shepherd puppy I had been wanting!  We named her "Holly." 


Beverly & Holly--our first Christmas 1993


Time flies--6 years later, Companion Dog Excellent (CDX) 

obedience title!

Holly and I headed off for puppy preschool classes and enjoyed training so much that we never stopped!  After taking several advanced obedience classes, competitive obedience became my hobby.

Meanwhile, we joined a Houston animal assisted therapy organization called "PAWS  for Caring" and I became a pet visit team leader for an  adult day care center, a nursing home and a rehab hospital.   Holly entertained patients by doing tricks and delighted hearing-impaired children by responding to their hand signals.  Eventually, I joined the Paws board of directors as the membership chair and remained active in PAWS until  a series of events led me to get involved with breed rescue volunteer work.   

For almost three years I ran the breed rescue effort for German Shepherd Dogs which later evolved into the Houston area GSD rescue organization.  

In 2001-02 I  joined the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT) and started Holly's Den.   One interest that has remained steady throughout my life, has been a fascination with human and animal behavior.   I enjoy both writing and teaching a great deal and also being able to do hands-on work with puppies and dogs.   My goal was to help people have the kind of relationship with their dogs that would enable them to live together happily and thus to keep dogs in their homes instead of on one way trips to  animal shelters.  For me, that was what dog training at Holly's Den was all about.

The Move to San Antonio

Soon after my husband passed away very suddenly in 2008,  I relocated to San Antonio where some of my family now live. Although I no longer see clients I continue to train my own dog and hope to remain active doing volunteer work with local organizations.


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