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*I am now retired now and no longer accepting clients but please check out the free articles and the Pup & Basic Obedience training lessons available on this site, which I am leaving mostly unchanged.  Also contact me if you need a trainer referral to someone in the San Antonio area.


*If you are military, or a police officer, fire fighter or first responder I am continuing to offer you up to three free email consultations. This can't take the place of working with a hands-on trainer but in some instances I will be able to help you trouble shoot an issue or point you in the right direction to work on your dog training problem.


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Monty (left) & Holly (right)


Welcome to Holly’s Den, ( where dog training and free-lance writing are dual pursuits in my life and work. 


Training Philosophy: 

I believe that humans have a moral responsibility to treat animals with kindness and respect, that training methods should be rooted in behavioral science, and that when working with owner/clients their individual needs should play a major role in determining training goals.


Dog training services from Holly's Den include private lessons in your own home in puppy headstart/basic obedience training, and behavior counseling using gentle dog-friendly methods based on positive reinforcement. 


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About positive reinforcement training:


I highly recommend the YouTube training videos by Emily Larlham (KIKOPUP) and Dr. Sophia Yin's training articles and blog.  For those interested in performance dog sports, Susan Garrett is my favorite dog training guru and she has some great online courses. Also, one of the most frequent questions for dog trainers these days is what do we think of the Dog Whisperer? - so FYI, Read what leading dog trainers and behaviorists have to say:

Cesar Milan


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Holly’s Den is the namesake of a German Shepherd Dog, Ritarra's Holly Berry, the first dog I ever trained in competition obedience.  It was Holly who taught me to care more deeply for all dogs and living creatures. 

Although Holly always had a bit of the wild thing in her nature, with a bow to domesticity, her real-life den was a small cozy study with a fireplace for cold days and a row of windows shaded by flowering Oleanders in the spring and summer.


Monty joined our family shortly before he was due to be euthanized at a local shelter.

Regardless of size, dogs are social pack animals genetically programmed to need companionship.  Holly  & Monty's good house manners allowed them to live inside as part of the family. 

In Holly’s Den, humans and dogs happily co-exist together. 

The goal of dog training offered through Holly’s Den is to help others form their own peaceful packs.  Dog training is about much more than teaching dogs to sit, stay and come—the real essence of training is teaching humans to understand the ways of dogs, and to deepen the bond they share with their canine companions, so that by living together their lives can be mutually enriched.



  Five Star Trip 2007-2012

He lived up to his name

To see a database with a partial listing of BCs affected with epilepsy including their breeders, check out:




My dog Nikki




The Right Kind of Experience Makes a Difference

Holly's Den emphasizes gentle dog-friendly training using positive reinforcement

*Private training at Holly's Den is very affordable; low overhead makes it possible to offer high quality training to people on a budget.

*Trainer Beverly Hebert has more than fifteen years of experience working with dogs, as both a competition obedience sports dog trainer and later as a pet dog trainer specializing in behavior problems. Volunteer experience includes working with animal assisted therapy groups.

*Hundreds of dog trainers and pet owners across the United States and in Canada, the UK, Australia, Spain, and Mexico own and use the Holly's Den "Behavior Modification Training Guide for Reactive & Aggressive Dogs."  Now available for ordering in PDF format, the Aggression Guide booklet provides effective direction for both trainers and pet owners.

*Training programs are based on concepts developed by some of the most respected experts in the field including Bob Bailey, Dr. Ian Dunbar, Jean Donaldson, Karen Pryor, Patricia McConnell, Ph.D., Karen Overall, Dr. Lore Haug, Pat Miller, and Leslie McDevitt, which in turn are based upon the following laws of learning from behavioral science:  Behaviors that are positively reinforced will become stronger and more frequent; behaviors that are not reinforced will become less frequent and may eventually extinguish. 

Writing credits:



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Contributor to The Dog Trainer's Resource: The APDT Chronicle of the Dog Collection

"The Dog Trainer's Resource: The APDT Chronicle of the Dog Collection is an anthology of 80 articles by 40 authors...Top-notch, cutting edge information on everything from puppy training to learning theory, dealing with aggression, shelter dogs...and much more fill this expert-level resource. Lay people seeking to train their pets will also benefit greatly from the wisdom and advice in The Dog Trainer's Resource."


Contributor and regular book reviewer for the Chronicle of the Dog published by the Association of Professional Dog Trainers.  Dog Training books reviewed include:


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Interviewed for the following stories that appeared in the Popular Dog Series on sale at Petsmart stores:

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Our family name, Hebert, is French and pronounced "A-bear."       

The quickest way to reach Holly's Den is by email:

Please include your phone number if you want a call back.


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